Dear POET Grower/Supplier:
Several corn varieties containing genetically modified traits have been commercially introduced in the US that have not yet obtained approval in major export markets such as the EU and China.  These GMO corn varieties pose a significant export trade risk to US companies – including POET – that participate in global markets.  This is because shipments of corn and DDGs containing unapproved traits can be, and have been, rejected for import into markets such as China.  At least two large US grain traders and exporters have already indicated that they will not accept deliveries of corn varieties that are unapproved for import into the EU or China because of the potential disruptions and financial loss that could result. 
POET strongly urges farmers not to plant GMO corn varieties that may be currently commercially available in the US but are not approved for import into major export markets such as the EU and China.  This includes Syngenta’s Duracade™ corn strain, which is available in the US but is not approved for import into the EU or China currently.  We believe that farmers will better assure strong demand and strong prices for their corn by planting varieties that are approved for import into the EU and China.
POET reserves the right to reject and/or require testing of corn deliveries.  Any acceptance, rejection or testing for the presence of unapproved GMO corn varieties – such as Duracade – will be determined by POET in its sole discretion at the time of delivery.
The Syngenta Agrisure Viptera (MIR 162) corn trait has been approved by all major importing markets and POET will accept delivery of this corn trait in 2015.
Please contact your local seed sales representative to get more information on the approval status of their specific GMO corn varieties.  You can also visit the following web site: to go to the “Know Before You Grow” section of the National Corn Growers Association page for more information.
Thank you for your grain business!
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POET Grain Company

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